Sarah Kemlo

Staffordshire Hypnobirthing

Staffordshire Hypnobirthing provides a comprehensive antenatal education. It is our aim to leave absolutely no stone unturned in preparing your body and mind for the birth of your baby. Do not be put off by the “hypno” side of things. This course will leave you knowledgeable and empowered no matter what course your birthing journey takes. Classes are ran by registered Midwife Sarah Kemlo, please do not hesitate to get in touch for further information and a break down of what the course involves.

Please find us using the Google Map (below) so you know where we are. Satnavs should not be relied on to bring you to our clinic.

Please refer to the birds eye view below to see directions to free parking and the Swan Physio building from the main road.


All facilities are wheelchair accessible, and there is a designated Disabled Parking Space as well as a Drop Off Space.

On Arrival (via the EXERCISE STUDIO DOOR accessible from the courtyard)

  1. Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time
  2. Take a seat if you need to on the chair on the left as you enter through the exercise studio doors
  3. Wait there for your clinician to come and collect you to show you through to the treatment room

On Departure

  1. You will be leaving the building from a rear exit door which takes you onto the bottom car park.
  2. There are steps down to the car park or a ramp down to the left as you exit which is suitable for wheelchairs, sticks and frames.

Any queries relating to your appointment should be made via Sarah Kemlo, NOT the main Swan Clinic