Our Standard Food Intolerance Tests tell you what level of intolerance you may have to 46 of the main food groups including Gluten, Cow’s Milk, Nuts, Yeast and much more. We take a small amount of Blood from your finger and then this is processed on a tray which indicates any intolerances to the foods. You have the option of waiting around for approximately an hour to get the results of your test, or you can come to collect them at a later point.

We are able to do multiple tests in the same timeframe – ideal for family members or couples wanting to get tested together – if this is what you want please ask for a Double!

Single Food Intolerance Test (1x Test)

60 mins


Double Food Intolerance Test (2x Tests)

60 mins


Single Vitamin D Test (1x Test)

40 mins


Double Vitamin D Test (2x Tests)

40 mins


Single Vitamin D Test

as addition to

Single Food Test

60 mins


Bone Density Scan

20 mins


Bone Density Scan events arranged every 6 months – please call for more info, and to be added to the waiting list for the next event.