Short Description

Osteopaths use a wide range of hands on manual therapy techniques that focus on releasing tension, stretching muscles and mobilising joints to restore motion, improve local nutrition and restore health. Techniques can target a range of tissues including ligaments and the fascia that covers and contains all structures in the body. Osteopathic hands-on treatment is often used together with exercises and advice designed to help patients to relieve or manage pain, keep active and maintain the best of health.

Hannah can use direct techniques like those listed above, or indirect techniques such as cranial-sacral therapy which works gently with pulls in tissues to allow a reflex change that releases tension.

Hannah can help with back, neck and generalised joint pain including:

• Shoulder, elbow, pelvic pain, hip, knee, foot and ankle pain

• Low back pain and sciatica

• Arthritis and arthritis management

• Muscular pain and health

• Postural advice and workplace health

• Headaches and migraines management

• Sports injuries and rehabilitation