Work Experience at Swan

Want to come to Swan on Work Experience?

Step 1:

Complete the Application Form

Step 2:

This is reviewed by one of our Sister Companies ‘Cygnets Placements & Training’. If successful they will contact you and offer you the opportunity to come with us

Step 3:


For us to provide you with the best experience we can, tailored for each individual we require a fee. This is to allow operations to run smoothly.

To set up a Week’s Work Experience we have to complete several forms, have appropriate insurance and also spend time making bespoke timetables – this all takes time which we need to charge for.

The set fee for a Week’s Work Experience is £100 per person.

Step 4:

We will send you a timetable and resources to boost your anatomy knowledge and help you prepare before you come into clinic to get the most out of it

Step 5:

Come and Enjoy your Work Experience!

What you get from coming on Work Experience with us…

During your Work Experience here at Swan, you will get the opportunity to see a wide range of sessions and equipment within our clinic, as well as communicate with all of our lovely patients and staff!

You will be able to:

  • Observe our treatments on a number of different patients
  • Discover how we, as physiotherapists, use our equipment in both our treatment rooms and our Rehab Gym
  • Talk to different patients and learn from them as well
  • Shadow various members of our incredible staff from a lot of disciplines of our multi-disciplinary team!
  • Learn about the role of physiotherapy and what we can do to support patients with their recovery or management of long term health conditions
  • Ask questions and develop your understanding on Anatomy and Physiology
  • Help you gain knowledge that you could use for university or any other application