Shanti & Jai Yoga with Deb Jackson

Shanti & Jai Yoga with Deb Jackson runs classes for adults and children and pregnancy around the Newcastle and Stoke-on-Trent area. She also runs classes in schools for children, teenagers and teachers making yoga and relaxation accessible to everyone.
She qualified as a yoga teacher with the CYF in 2009 and has since gone on to train as a children’s yoga teacher and pregnancy yoga teacher. She has attended CPD with many national and international teachers and is passionate about sharing yoga.
Deb believes that by incorporating yoga into our daily lives we can become healthier, happier and calmer people. She teaches us to be aware of our inner voice, making the yoga mat a playground to explore our bodies needs and awaken a heart centred practice that transforms not only the yoga practice but everyday life.
Cyfdip, IYN, DTTL’s, Calm for kids children’s yoga certificate, Yoga Campus Pregnancy Yoga certificate.

Classes run on Thursday at 14.30