Designed in response to COVID restrictions on our Clinical Pilates service – this new approach combines supervised sessions monthly alongside Virtual sessions at home. Ideal for those that want to attend our classes when we can have more people back in, or who are a little further away/not as flexible with time and would prefer virtual to do themselves longer term!

Due to the restrictions placed on our Clinical Pilates Service for the foreseeable future we are currently unable to accept any new clients into the classes. Our dedicated Pilates Instructor is also unable to conduct 121 sessions.

From this:

To this:

VERY limited on numbers to keep people safe.

However, we have created an alternative!

By using the Virtual Pilates Classes recorded over Lockdown and adding some supervised sessions with our Therapy Team we can ensure that Clients can access Clinical Pilates either at home or in pre-arranged independent sessions at the clinic.

The new service will comprise of access to 4 pre-recorded sessions per month, one of which will be completed at clinic supervised by a member of our Therapy team (Physio or Sports Therapists) to ensure that you are completing exercises safely, effectively and at a pace appropriate to your individual needs.

We have put together a 4 month progressive program which will then enable you to continue with the Clinical Pilates classes virtually or F2F longer term dependent on preference / restrictions.

Only available to clients who have already been assessed by a member of our Therapy Team.

We are offering space in our Exercise Studio at no extra charge to come and complete the independent Virtual Classes should you not have space (or peace and quiet!) at home.


£80 per month

via Direct Debit for 4 months

(This then enables us to transfer you to our Class Direct Debits after the 4 Months easily so you can continue to access new class content)