Capps Fitness

Personal Training & Classes at Swan

Capps Fitness utilises the facilities at Swan to see clients, and has developed classes suitable for a range of Medical Conditions alongside Clinical Director Carys.

Many Swan Clients have benefited from Capps Fitness 121 training/classes alongside their Physio, and we are really proud to offer a holistic approach to maintaining good health.

Any queries relating to the services Capps fitness provides, and to book a class should be made directly to Capps Fitness, NOT the main Swan Clinic:

Call: 07704708487


For any clients attending an appointment please follow the instructions below:

Please find us using the Google Map (below) so you know where we are. Satnavs should not be relied on to bring you to our clinic.

Please refer to the birds eye view below to see directions to free parking and the Swan Physio building from the main road.


All facilities are wheelchair accessible, and there is a designated Disabled Parking Space as well as a Drop Off Space.

On Arrival (via the REHAB GYM accessible from the courtyard – first door on left)

  1. Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time
  2. Take a seat if you need to on the sofa as you enter the rehab gym, or one of the chairs
  3. Wait for Mat to come and find you if he is not already waiting for you!

On Departure

  1. You will leave via the Rehab Gym Door

Any queries relating to your appointment should be made directly to Matthew, NOT the main Swan Clinic:

Call: 07704708487