We understand that despite the stringent infection control measures we have in place at the clinic there will still be times people are unable to come in or feel unsure about spending time in a treatment room with a member of staff.

So we have developed a range of treatment options to help you stay well during the pandemic, whilst minimising your contact with us, others and the clinic….

At the Clinic but MINIMAL CONTACT

Self Deep-Oscillation

20 – 40 mins


Use the Machine Yourself at Clinic with the only contact being from the Clinician setting you up!

Acupuncture Only

30 mins


Just come in for some Acupuncture – Limited Contact but great pain relief

Vitrually : Get our expertise but without leaving your home!

Telephone Consultations

15 mins


Video Consultations

Assessment of the Problem Review of Exercises Guided Exercise Session

Guided Treatment Session – us teaching someone else to do the ‘Hands On’ bit!

Spine / Shoulder / Multiple Problems: 30-50 mins


NOT Spine / Shoulder / Single Problem: 25 mins


Video Consultations: Follow up Consult

25 mins


Supervised Virtual Pilates

 60 mins

£70.00 (Monthly DD for 4 months)

(Gets you ready for Virtual Pilates, or to join one of our F2F classes. Monthly distanced F2F 121 session, then access to 4x weekly Virtual classes)