Online Bookings & Payments

We are pleased to now offer Online Bookings for some of our Services.

We believe this offers a new level of convenience for clients despite the restrictions created by COVID-19.  All of our clinicians are regulated which ensures the highest quality of care but they all have to work  differently depending on what their professional body has insisted on due to COVID-19.

Our Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists have to adopt a ‘Virtual First’ approach to all new clients (and existing clients with new injuries) to assess whether they fit the guidelines for Face to Face (F2F) care whilst our Podiatrist/Chiropodist and Osteopath can see people F2F straight away.

Please be assured that our Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists are able to do a lot more than you might think in Video Assessments and can get treatment started with exercises/advice immediately. They will also book you in for a F2F treatment session after the Video should that be what is required.

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